Do you need help with an infected device?

If your PC has slowed down, keeps on crashing or is throwing up strange error messages, you may have a virus problem. We can remove the viruses and clean up your act!

Viruses are secretly downloaded onto your PC and can cause havoc at any time! Another danger is Spyware which is downloaded to your PC without your knowledge and reports on your on-line behaviour. Some of this gathers information for marketing companies but can also transmit your credit card details and even know your secret passwords! Don't suffer any longer or spread them to other computers.

You may also be constantly bombarded by those irritating pop-up windows which seem to follow you everywhere, known as Adware pop-ups. We can get rid of these too. We will then ensure you are safe to go online again with full protection for your PC.

At Stevens IT Solutions we offer a low cost Managed Anti-Malware software that protects you from:

  • Virus

  • Malware

  • Ransomeware

It also offers:

  • Surf Protect

  • File Guard

  • Behaviour Blocker

Anti-Malware software is currently only available for Windows PC's and Laptops.

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