Require assistance with choosing your new desktop or laptop computer?

Do you get nervous when faced with buying a new computer or laptop? Don’t want to get it wrong? Would you like the advice and support of an independent expert when you are browsing at the PC store?

We don’t sell computers, but we repair them all the time. This makes us the perfect partner for you on your next shopping expedition, as we know what to recommend, what to avoid and can help you ask the right questions to ensure you get the product which is right for your needs. Or we can even ask them for you if you wish! At our standard hourly rate we will meet you at your chosen store and accompany you on your mission! We will discuss your needs and determine the best product for you, ask the right questions of shop staff as well as giving you invaluable tips along the way! When you may be considering spending many hundreds of pounds or more, this small investment could be well worth it!




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